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Bombers Burgers is officially underway after taking the place of Cub Chicken and Fish. It was purchased by Max Hall, who is now the owner of Bombers Burgers. Hall saw an opening in Olney and wanted to take advantage of it with something that is close to his heart and family…burgers. “I wanted to put burgers in Olney because my family makes burgers and it is a recipe that I know well—big, hearty burgers, hand cut fries, that sort of thing. It is tried and true.” The menu consists of burgers, hand cut fries, sweet potato fries, curly fries, fried pickles, and more. Bombers Burgers will also be keeping the catfish and chicken tenders from the recipe of Cub Chicken and Fish after receiving community feedback. Wraps, salads and grilled chicken will also be served as well as a light option for customers. “I care about this. This is my everything and this has been a long time coming as well. I would say to expect consistency and quality food,” said Hall. Hall says that he will be in the restaurant a lot and looks forward to getting to know the community through a good family vibe. Hall is a family man who has a wife and son with another child on the way. Bombers Burgers has now been in business for a few weeks now and has received much positive feedback from the community and surrounding area. Owner Max Hall has a family connection to the “Burgers and Billiards” restaurant in Graham and looks forward to serving similar food here in Olney without having to make the drive to Graham. Bombers Burgers presents great potential for a town that welcomes as many small businesses and restaurants as possible. Bombers Burgers looks forward to adding to the menu and to continue to get to know the community.

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