• Blessed and a Blessing: The Lockards

Blessed and a Blessing: The Lockards

The House of Mercy Enterprises, also known as H.O.M.E., has become a real home to many. Opened in 2017 with the help of private donations, the House of Mercy continues to grow strong with multiple success stories. Many of the residents felt compelled to write letters sharing what H.O.M.E. meant to them.

The Lockard family is one of many of the H.O.M.E. success stories. The Lockard family includes Chet, wife Angela, daughter Brexlyn (3), son Levi who was born December 16 and Chet’s son Duwey (16) who resides in Wichita Falls. Chet and Angela were together for four years and married at the House of Mercy in February 2019.

The couple was on heavy drugs and living on the street before discovering the House of Mercy. “We both had enough and wanted a normal life,” Angela said.

They attempted to undergo other rehab programs, but all had failed until they entered the House of Mercy. The Lockards said when they walked through the doors, they knew that the House of Mercy was different than all the other places they had been.

“We were welcomed. We decided we wanted to stay for the program and we really put ourselves into it. It is just a place to stay for some people who go there, but we wanted the program to stick after we left, ” said Angela.

The Lockards said a faith-based program makes all the difference with their success.

Chet said, “We wanted our lives back. I had been trying to get help since I was 18 years old. I’ve been addicted to opiates for 20 years. I would enter a treatment center, and it wouldn’t work.”

H.O.M.E. director Preston Crow emphasizes that a faith-based program often succeeds where others fail because with Jesus in your life, you are never alone.

The couple has a home in Olney, and have emerged into the community. They are members of First United Methodist Church and the church family has been a blessing. “The church and the House of Mercy both put us in the position to give back. So much has been given to us, and now that we are doing better, we will give back,” Chet said.

Chet has been working at Tower Extrusions for the past four months. He works on a pressboard and raves about his love of his job and the good people at work. Angela plans to be a stay-home mom and focus on volunteering in the community.

“The program is not there to fix people. God changes people. It is there to give you the message of the mystery,” Angela said.

The Lockards said they are sharing their story to help others who are in the position they were once in. They said they would continue to show their love and support to people and they hope others will be led H.O.M.E., too.

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