Animal Control: Coming Under Control

The City of Olney has hired a new Animal Control Officer, Krystal Hamby. Since Krystal will be out patrolling and responding to calls, we wanted to send out a reminder about some of our ordinances concerning all our pets here in Olney.

Pets are not allowed to run-at-large at any point and must be kept indoors, or in an enclosed yard or pen. If owners wish to take their pets off their premises, they must always keep their pet leashed. Also, the State of Texas only allows owners to keep pets on a rope or chain for no more than three hours per day. Owners may only keep, possess, or maintain four pets on their property.

Owners of dogs and cats that are six months of age or older are required to obtain a license that must be renewed annually for a fee of $5 per pet. Owners must have proof of current vaccinations upon payment for pet licenses. Owners may be fined $20 for unlicensed pets. Pet owners will incur a $25 fee if their pet is impounded and will be charged a fee of $10 per day after the first day.

Pet owners must maintain current rabies vaccination tags on the animal’s collar and the city’s ID tag. It is also a reminder that the owner’s pet identification tag accompanies these tags on the collar. The City strongly urges owners to have their pets microchipped, as the City has a microchip reader, so we can reunite lost pets with their owners if they are lost.

Lastly, with cold weather beginning to reach us it is important to remember to keep up our outdoor pet’s shelters and bedding. You may reach Olney Animal Control by calling (940) 564-3378.

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