Advice for upcoming high school freshman

Hello! If you are reading this, it means you are an upcoming high school freshman. Welcome!

The majority of the next four years of your life will be spent in this building, therefore a little advice is helpful and is something I wish I could have received prior to my high school experience.

Gathered from personal experience, I have created a list of advice just for you.

1. Freshman Status

I will begin by informing you that you should not take the dislike given by upperclassman towards you personally. It’s not your attitude or personality, but your status as a freshman that defines your image the first year of high school. While you are still surrounded by an aura of dislike due to your status, it is you who creates your own image from there on. Your transition from the top of the totem pole to the bottom of the barrel may be one that could harbor difficulties adjusting, but don’t worry: You’ll be a sophomore soon enough.

2. Time Flies When You’re

Having Fun

Right now, I am sure you are enthusiastically looking forward to the next 4 long years of high school, or what seems like a very long time. I had the same thoughts when I was in your shoes. But trust me, it goes by faster than you would ever realize. Before you know it, you’re a senior in high school (and wondering how you made it here alive). That being said, I encourage you to make the most of the time you have and enjoy each moment while you can, as this era of your life does not last forever.

3. Journey of Self-Discovery

This next era of your life, entering and experiencing high school is definitely going to be one of self-discovery. During this time, you will uncover your talents and passion, realize your dreams, encounter people who you will like, will not like, will love, you will make mistakes, learn lessons, and will find who you really are. No matter how you travel though the next few years, the reflection upon them will be one of transformation, fulfillment and acknowledged growth.

4. Grades Matter

I am certain that my next statement is something that has been drilled into your head on countless occasions over the years, but I will just repeat it once more. Your grades are important. The next 4 years of your academic life will determine your options upon the completion of high school, no matter what path you choose to pursue going forward. The best advice I can offer on this subject without repeating myself would be to maintain the effort to perform your very best everyday in class and other academic and extra-curricular activities. An idle output will not be beneficial and will not amount to anything. Also, turning in all homework assignments is an essential key to maintaining a passing grade.

5. The Truth About


It seems that the greatest concern among high school teenagers in social terms is the status of popularity and where one ranks in the scheme of this. I will inform you in advance that it is in best interest to not concern yourself with this matter. You may not agree with me, but I can assure you that you will be much happier in the end if you do not concern yourself with this matter. Popularity does not matter or have any meaning, especially after high school. Your so-called popularity ranking is not a measure of your intelligence, your talents, your abilities, your self worth, or your future. My best advice I can give towards my suggestion would be to associate with your own group of friends, because no matter what, you are always favored amongst your friends.

6. Circle of Friends

Just a heads up: throughout high school, your circle of friends will continuously change and drastically so. I know that you may doubt what I say, but I can assure you that it is the truth. You will find that sometimes friendships may not work out, or they are destined to continue. You will also see the formation of new friendships as well. This change in the circle of your friends is due to the development you will experience as a person throughout the next few years. This change is positive, and will allow you to discover who your true friends really are.

7. Love

High school is that special time where love is the perfume in the air. It makes no difference whether you believe in it or not, because it is a certainty. You will fall in love, probably more than once. You may find your soul mate, or find love and experience heartbreak. Love is definitely an awesome experience, no matter the outcome. This is also a time when it seems that everyone is in a relationship. I encourage you to not feel pressured to be in a relationship only because it seems that everyone else is. You should only do what you choose, and let your heart (and your brain) guide you though your love life.

8. Your Parents Are Your


I am sure that being the age you currently are, you probably don’t think too fondly of your parents. It a teenager thing to view your parents as “not cool” or embarrassing, and certainly overprotective. I will inform you that no matter how you think of your parents, they think very highly of you and are concerned with what is best for you. They are your biggest supporters and your allies, and are always on your side. That is something that I encourage you to remember as you go through high school.

9. Extra-Curricular


While traveling on your journey of self-discovery, you will uncover talents and passions that you may desire to develop. This is where extra-curricular activities are introduced. I encourage you to try out and discover activities, clubs, and organizations that you enjoy and that pertain to your interests. You will definitely find your high school experience to be more enjoyable. It is also a great way to make new friends, and discover and nurture talents. It also looks outstanding on a college application!

10. Don’t Procrastinate!

If there is any greater lesson that I have learned over the course of high school, it is to not procrastinate. I am the queen of procrastination. I am warning you in advance, do not be like me! I encourage you to do your work as soon as possible, and to avoid delaying the completion of your assignments, as it only amounts to regret and is harmful to your grades and even your health. Please follow this advice, as it will be beneficial to you not only during high school, but also throughout the remainder of your life.

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