When Memories Overwhelm You

When Memories Overwhelm You

As I look around and reminisce over the treasures” I have stored away for the future generations, I am overwhelmed. I have good intentions, but nothing is in a particular order and certainly not stored neatly so that any family member might enjoy the discovery of the randomly stored memories.

I am way behind in organizing family photos and precious cards with “love notes” from family members. And, one day in the future, I wonder if anyone will actually look at the “keepsakes.” But if they do, they will probably wonder why Mom kept all this stuff?

The answer is…I was raised after the “Great Depression.” That says it all. The fact is, we did not throw away anything that might be usable because we might not get another one. I have always joked and called it “Post-Depression Syndrome” …raised with the everlasting influence of the “depression” era.

We weren’t poor, but money was managed very carefully. I had one new dress and shoes for church in the spring and another one in the fall. My grandmother sewed my school clothes, and I did not have a wardrobe of shoes for every occasion as our generations require these days. Usually, the school shoes I started within September; I was still wearing at the end of the school year!

Life in America has come a long way since that “post-de pression” era. We live a life of abundance. I would say we are spoiled and expect it all to continue without end. We can pray that America can continue to be the best country in the world.

I am sure at the end of my days; there will still be that question, “Why did Mom keep all this “stuff?”