TMSCA results for Olney Junior High

TMSCA results for Olney Junior High

Olney Junior High’s Math and Science team competed in their first state qualifying TMSCA meet on Saturday, February 17th.

Thirty-seven students traveled to City View Middle School to compete against 75 other 6th, 7th and 8th grade students from six local schools.

Texas Math & Science Coaches Association is an organization dedicated to promoting excellence in Math and Science through competition. Students demonstrate their knowledge by taking any of four challenging exams; Number Sense, Calculator Applications, Mathematics and Science.

Olney Junior High brought home Sweepstakes honors by earning the most cumulative points of all schools in attendance. The Number Sense team brought home fourth place, Calculator Applications team achieved third, both the Math and Science teams earned second place.

Individual students earning top ten in their grade level:

8th Grade:

Number Sense: Mackenzie Berngen 6th, Shaine Grard 9th Calculator Applications: AJ Solano 4th, Jacobi Esquivel 5th Mathematics: Jasmine Bryan 4th, Shaine Grard 5th, Mackenzie Berngen 7th, Jacob Murgia 8th, Jacobi Esquivel 9th.

Science: Mackenzie Berngen 7th, Fernanda Cardenas 8th, Shaine Grard 9th

7th Grade

Number Sense: Jett Brock 6th Calculator Applications: Harris Sullivan 2nd Mathematics: Jett Brock 1st, Odin Savard 4th, Harris Sullivan 6th, Pedro Gonzalez 7th Science: Odin Savard 1st, Grace Jeske & Harris Sullivan tie for 4th, Jett Brock 5th, Angel Ferrer-Franco 9th

6th Grade

Number Sense: Trent Berngen 1st, Zeph Tejada 3rd, Jaxon Bedford 5th Calculator Applications: Zeph Tejada 1st, Libby Lane 4th, Leigha Hampton 5th, Laney Kimbro 6th, Jaxon Bedford 7th, Emerald Edginton 10th Mathematics: Zeph Tejada 2nd, Miles Branum 5th, Jaxon Bedford 9th Science: Kate Santibanez 1st, Clara Symank 3rd, Laney Kimbro 5th, Miles Branum, 7th, Trent Berngen 8th.

Students must earn a previously determined qualifying score to get their ticket to the State meet in SanAntonio on April 13.

OJH had these 27 students qualify for the State meet: Mackenzie Berngen, Jasmine Bryan, Fernanda Cardenas, Jacobi Esquivel, Shaine Grard, Crayton Nash, AJ Solano, Jackson Spurlock, Jett Brock, Abram Dinwiddie, Angel Ferrer-Franco, Oaklan Hopkins, Grace Jeske, Odin Savard, Harris Sullivan, Wesley Symank, Zayden Adkins, Trent Berngen, Miles Branum, Emerald Edgington, Leigha Hampton, Laney Kimbro, Libby Lane, Markel Long, Kate Santibanez, Clara Symank, and Zeph Tejada.