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Splash Day creates wave of fun

Monday, June 3, the City Pool hosted “Splash Day.”

Some attendees commented on the event logistics stating, “The Keeters did an excellent job organizing this event, and you could tell by all the smiles and laughter at the pool that day.”

Some highlights of the day included DJ Chris Widner pumping out the jams, refreshments hot off the grill and of course plenty of splashing and swimming in the newly renovated pool.

Keeter said, “Splash Day is the grand opening and they wanted to get as many people to enjoy the pool as they could while introducing all the lifeguards.”

The pool was a big thing during summer while Keeter was in school and he said, “It gives the children something to do as well as help me build relationships with the children which helps meas a coach when school begins.”

The lifeguards were prominently positioned at their posts and had shared why they chose to lifeguard throughout the summer. Claire stated she wanted to be a lifeguard to have the opportunity to hang around people and have fun at the pool this summer. Celeste said she chose to be a lifeguard to be responsible for making sure the swimmers were safe. Shelby said as a lifeguard, she wanted to have fun with the people she grew up with. Abbey said she wanted to be a lifeguard this summer after graduating because this is her last summer to hang out with all her friends and have fun.

The pool hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. An adult must accompany all children under seven. At the discretion of the lifeguard, children 8 and above may be asked to pass a swim test before being allowed into the deep end of the pool. The admission cost is $1 for children under 12 and $1.50 for children 12 and above. Individual Season Passes are available at City Hall for $75 per individual or $150 for a family of four.

Pool parties may be booked for the hours of 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. If there are 10 or fewer children, one lifeguard and one manager are required to be on duty. A lifeguard must be added for every increment of 10 children. You must get in touch with Casey or Mallory Keeter at 940-564-5405, or you may leave them a message at City Hall to schedule a pool party. The pool party fee is $100 for one lifeguard and one manager and will increase by $20 for every lifeguard added. Pool parties are limited to two hours.

A concession stand will be available at the pool. An adult pool manager will always be on duty , including during pool parties.

The pool telephone number is 940-564-5405. (Local Calls Only)

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