Small Town USA

Small Town USA

Life in “small town USA” is the best life. City dwellers don’t understand us. Why would anyone enjoy small town life with the lack of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment? It is all about the people. We can always drive a few miles for entertainment, big sports, and the big stores. What we can do is enjoy riding bikes in the evening with the family without the fear of possible danger in our neighborhoods. That is priceless!

When I was a young girl, my dad surprised me with a new bicycle. I had never ridden a bike before but had always dreamed of flying down the sidewalk with the wind in my face. My neighbor friend helped me, and by sundown I was riding with success and great joy.

Summer was the time to play around the neighborhood. There was no TV, computers, or iPhones. Kids played outside. Parents didn’t need to worry if their kids were out until dark playing “hide and seek” or catching lightning bugs in a jar. They were just expected to show up in time for meals and bedtime.

Moving forward… High school football was “king” in the late 1950’s when we followed our team across Texas as they won title after title. We even dressed in our finest to attend the games, including our spike heels and fur-collared coats! Today’s trend of T-shirts & multiple ripped-hole jeans would have been unthinkable. Styles have certainly changed!

The advantages of living in a small town may be a well-kept secret from the rest of the world. Our small town has the best people, great churches, a top-rated hospital, and the best small town grocery in the state!

We have international industries and the best schools. Just this past year the amount of students who excelled in sports, and the number who qualified and won in UIL state competition in all areas of academics was amazing! We appreciate the hard work of our teachers and administration. Job well done: “thank you.”

There is a lot to be said about being a “big fish in a little pond.” Maybe we should just keep this little secret that the best living is in “Small Town USA”.