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Refuge hosts foreign exchange students

Pan Atlantic foreign exchange students and host families had a welcome party,  Sept. 8, 2019, at the Refuge in Olney, Texas.  

Pan Atlantic Foundation is a not for profit that specializes in creating high-quality, high school exchange programs for non-US citizens in the United States. Our staff is professionals who each have a decade or more experience in the field of international exchange. Our staff is educators, administrators, parents and former host parents who have international experience and a love for a program that truly changes lives. We are united in our mission to make the world a better place for all people through educational and cultural exchange.


Broaden the horizon for you and your family by viewing life through a different lens. As a Pan Atlantic Foundation host family, you become an agent of cultural understanding. You will you gain a son or daughter for a year and build a friendship for a lifetime.  


We believe our Area Representatives are the backbone of our program. In their role as mentor and friend, they help both students and host families navigate this life-changing experience as they bring the world into their communities. What they do each day impacts lives in a way that changes forever how others view the world at home and abroad.


Pan Atlantic Foundation’s High School in America program invites international students from across the globe to become part of American families, schools and communities. Our students not only become sons and daughters, but also become friends, siblings and role models. They remind us our similarities are much stronger than our differences and highlights how our differences enrich our shared experience.


Now, more than ever, it is vital to globalize our classrooms across the United States. Your school can welcome international exchange students giving them the privilege of becoming a part of your school community and the ability to study in America, while at the same time creating a global perspective for your student body, as well.  

Hosting options: Arriving in August for one or two semesters; Arriving in January for one or two semesters; Welcome family for six to eight weeks until permanent families are located

Photo Submitted by Sonja Gray

For more information, visit and www. Sonja Gray is the Area Rep. She can be reached at 940-873-3573 or

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