Overcoming Exercise Burnout
Overcoming Exercise Burnout

Overcoming Exercise Burnout

I feel horrible when I don’t exercise. When I neglect to begin my day with motivated movement, my mood is grim, my energy level is low, and I feel tired. Hundreds of medical journals report that exercise improves mood, relieves anxiety, and prevents depression in some people. These studies also report that your mood can elevate with as little as 10-20 minutes of exercise daily. The Mental Health Foundation suggests that 30 minutes of exercise three days a week will improve your mood.

What exercises are the most beneficial for enhancing your mood? Any movement will work because when you move your body, you release endorphins—the neurotransmitters released by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus in your brain. If you’re sitting on the sofa watching television, march in place during the commercial breaks. If you’re working at the office, take a 10-minute stroll around the office or in the parking lot during your break. I enjoy doing cabinet push-ups or squats while waiting for my food to cook. Walking, jogging, and dancing are all terrific forms of exercise that will lift your spirits.

I would walk 5 miles daily, but now I must alter my routine in light of current health concerns. I can still reach my five-mile goal by walking in one-mile increments throughout the day. You can either set miles as your goal or set a daily step goal to inspire you to move.

Here is a simple way to meet a movement goal during the day.

At 5 a.m., walk your dog for a 20-minute/onemile stroll in the neighborhood.

7 a.m. Turn on the tunes and dance while getting ready for work.

10 a.m., march in place while eating breakfast or a snack.

1 p.m., take a one-mile hike around the office during your break.

7 p.m. – End the day with a one-mile walk at the park or in your neighborhood.

By the end of the day, you will have a minimum of three miles and 6-7,000 steps. You can think of many creative ways to release those mood-elevating endorphins and improve your mental health overall.

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