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As I drove up to the building, I had a vision this morning for how I wanted to add spirit to the front of the building on game days. I told Mrs. Symank about it. She got excited and wanted to start today. We located and gathered up flags and poles. In typical Mrs. Symank nature, we had it completed in less than 2 hours.

Her sweet, sweet husband purchased and drove the small pieces of pipe to hold the poles into the ground. (He got super sweaty and probably a bit irritated with the “help” from Linda and I but remained extremely patient).

He wouldn’t even let me pay him back for his expense. You guys go and take a look at how much pizazz it adds to our building to boost spirit!

We are sure blessed to have the Symank duo!!! I absolutely love it!! Make sure and brag on Steve and Linda when you see them. Definitely above and beyond the call! LOVE that our families get involved in this making it happen for our students!! THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!

Special thanks to Linda and Steve!

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