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Olney Community Library pet show, crafts & games

The Olney Community Library and Arts Center held its 41st Annual Pet Show Tuesday, June 4. There were many people involved, and in spite of a rainy start, they made it a great event!

Thank you to the judges: Amber Lockhart, Ashleigh Nichols and Jennifer Scott, who registered participants and filled out certificates. Thank you to Salt Creek Veterinary Hospital’s Dr. Sarah Smartt, DVM and technician Stephanie Rater for being available to give rabies shots. Thank you to Krystal Barnhardt, city dog catcher, for selling city tags. Joe Bob Whitaker and sons came with cute baby kids and mama goats for the children to pet and hold. All these people have our many thanks!

Lastly, thank you to the library staff, the library’s student aide: Anahi Marquez who helped with crafts, Olney ISD maintenance/building and grounds for tables and chairs, the Olney Enterprise who faithfully covers library events, and of course all the participants who made this year’s so much fun!

Each pet present at the Pet Show was awarded for their unique traits. The results are as follows: (Owner/Type of Pet and Name/Award Given): Michael Speegle - dog, Rosie = Most Well Behaved, Cooper Tate - duck, Lucky = Biggest Feet, Jordyn Esquivel - cat, Skye = Softest, Ella Richards - bird, Harpo = Most Colorful, Malix Garza - stuffed toy robot, CoCo = Most Cuddly, Coy Shifflett - stuffed toy elephant,  El = Most Huggable, Clara Shawver - stuffed toy dog, Starlight = Most Loved, Lilly Harrison - stuffed toy bear, Chocolate = Best Dressed, Raluca Vasiloiu - stuffed toy sloth, Sara = Most Magical, Kaeden Vargos - stuffed toy puppet, Firefly = Funniest, Kaiten Hughes - stuffed toy bear, Fluffy = Sleepiest, Sophie Roach - dog, Charlie = Most Friendly, Grayson Osborn - dog, Murphy = Cutest, Cody cook - dog, Lilly = Most Bouncy, Gunn Miller - fish, Bobby = Most Serene, Sebastian Crowley - stuffed toy cat, Pete the Cat = Most Rockin’, Mason Nichols - toad, Todd = Jumpiest, Matthew Nichols - stuffed toy dog, Puppy Dog = Fuzziest Ears.

Thursday, June 6 the Olney library hosted Stories, Crafts and Games hour from 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Thursday, June 6.

Thanks to Sabrina Laurent and Dale Lovett for the coordination of the robot activity and Carla Inge for being a guest reader.

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