OJHS scores at TMSCA meet in Azle

OJHS scores at TMSCA meet in Azle

Olney Junior High’s Math and Science team was up and out of town before sunrise on Saturday, March 2 as they traveled to Azle to compete in the final state-qualifying meet of their season.

Thirty-three students represented OJH by meeting up with approximately 500 other Texas youth to test their Number Sense, Calculator Applications, Mathematics and Science skills.

Three more OJH students qualified for the state meet. Will Caffey, Caly Johnson, and Victoria Pint round out the team that will compete in the state competition on April 13.

OJH brought home the 2A 1st place Sweepstakes Trophy, along with 1st place 2A team in all four contests.

Individual students earning top ten in their grade level for 2A schools:

8th Grade:

Number Sense: Mackenzie Berngen 1st, Shaine Grard 2nd, Will Caffey 3rd, and Jasmine Bryan 4th Calculator Applications: A.J. Solano 1st, Shaine Grard 2nd, Adrian Melchor 4th, Jacobi Esquivel 5th, Crayton Nash 6th, Jalissa Whitlock 7th Mathematics: Shaine Grard 1st, Mackenzie Berngen 2nd, Jacobi Esquivel 4th, AJ Solano 5th, Will Caffey 6th, Adrian Melchor 7th, Jasmine Bryan 8th, Crayton Nash 9th, Victoria Pint 10th Science: Victoria Pint 1st, Will Caffey 2nd, Jacobi Esquivel 3rd, Jasmine Bryan 4th, Mackenzie Berngen 5th, Crayton Nash 6th, 6th, Shaine Grard 8th, Bennett Powers 9th, Jalissa Whitlock 10th.

7th Grade

Number Sense: Odin Savard 1st, Harris Sullivan 2nd, Pedro Gonzalez 3rd, Wesley Symank 4th, and Angel Ferrer-Franco 5th.

Calculator Applications: Harris Sullivan 1st, Angel Ferrer-Franco 2nd, Oaklan Hopkins 4th, Grace Jeske 5th, Abram Dinwiddie 6th Mathematics: Odin Savard 1st, Pedro Gonzalez 2nd, Wesley Symank 3rd, Angel Ferrer-Franco 4th, Harris Sullivan 5th, Oaklan Hopkins 6th, Grace Jeske 8th, Abram Dinwiddie 9th Science: Grace Jeske 1st, Harris Sullivan 2nd, Odin Hopkins 3rd, Angel Ferrer-Franco and Abram Dinwiddie 5th tie, Pedro Gonzalez 7th, Wesley Symank 8th, and Oaklan Hopkins 9th.

6th Grade

Number Sense: Zeph Tejada 1st, Trent Berngen 2nd, Jaxon Bedford 5th, Zayden Adkins 9th, and Libby Lane 10th.

Calculator Applications: Zeph Tejada 1st, Calyn Johnson 2nd, Libby Lane 3rd, Jaxon Bedford 4th, Clara Symank 5th, Kate Santibanez 7th, Trent Berngen 8th, Leigha Hampton 9th, Markel Long 10th.

Mathematics: Trent Berngen 1st, Zeph Tejada 2nd, Leigha Hampton 4th, Trey Geter 5th, Calyn Johnson & Zayden Adkins 7th tie, Jaxon Bedford 10th.

Science: Kate Santibanez 2nd, Miles Branum 3rd, Zeph Tejada 4th, Clara Symank 5th, Trent Berngen 7th.