Looking Back

100 YEARS AGO - MARCH 19,1920


Several automobile loads of Wichita Falls businessmen were expected here late this week to invite the citizens of Olney to the ANNUAL SPRING STYLE SHOW which will be held in Wichita Falls next Monday evening. A baseball game will be one of the chief features of the occasion, the NEW YORK GIANTS and BOSTON RED SOX being scheduled to meet at Katy Park at 4 p.m. giving local fans an opportunity to witness these noted teams in action.

LOST: - Between Throckmorton and Olney on Elbert Road, one single barrel shotgun, breach loader, and was wrapped in a mattress, mattress had cotton sack around it. Finder please keep gun and return mattress. — W.J. Dickson

75 YEARS AGO — MARCH 23,1945


Supplies of penicillin, the new wonder drug, were received by the local drug stores last week. Heretofore, penicillin, which is credited with cures formerly impossible, has been reserved for the armed forces, since only a limited supply was available. More recently limited amounts were released to hospitals for civilian use where other treatments failed. It is a mustard-colored powder, to which sterile water is added for injections. Although it is still expensive, as were the sulfa drugs when first introduced, it probably will be less expensive and more widely used as the supply becomes more plentiful. Penicillin has already been used successfully in Olney in several cases.

50 YEARS AGO — MARCH 12, 1970


“Through Blood and Fire” is a full-length color motion picture of the heroic struggle of Christians living behind the Iron Curtain. It will be showing at First Baptist Church in Olney on Sunday evening at 7. The film was produced secretly in Russia and other countries behind the Iron Curtain to give the true story of the difficult times many who seek to worship God must endure. The film “Through Blood and Fire” was produced by Underground Evangelism; a ten-year-old evangelical, inter-denominational missionary ministry that seeks to get the Bible into communist countries.

25 YEARS AGO — AUGUST 24, 1995


The City of Megargel celebrated the 85th anniversary of its founding Saturday with over 200 attending and organizers have declared it a huge success. A parade kicked off festivities Saturday morning. Activities all day at the City Park included games and contests, food and craft booths and that evening a barbeque supper was served by Megargel Volunteer Fire Department. Organizers express their appreciation to all those who participated in all events, those who attended and special thanks to First National Bank of Olney and Stewarts Food Store for providing gift certificates and plaques for winners in the parade.

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