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House of Mercy Enterprises celebrates one-year anniversary

On September 15, 2017, House of Mercy Enterprises officially opened its doors to become a beacon of light to the homeless and hurting in our community. Equipped with both a temporary shelter for those in desperate need of housing, and with a Christian Human Development Program, the staff and volunteers strive to show residents the love of Christ.

The year-long development program teaches residents how to live in the age of grace according to the manufacturer’s instruction book, The Bible.

In the very same week that we reached our oneyear anniversary, H.O.M.E. received a much-anticipated blessing when our official federal nonprofit status was granted.

During our first year, House of Mercy has operated on private funding, donations, the generosity of the Perry’s Foundation, as well as other businesses in the Olney community.

With non-profit status comes many more opportunities for our young ministry to grow programs that will assist graduates with education, training, employment, housing, etc. We are excited about our present and future development.

House of Mercy would like to first and foremost thank God, The Lord Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. We would like to thank the members of the House of Mercy Board of Directors: Harrell Braddock, Preston Crow, Dan Lund, Hugo Naumann, and former board members Justin Piegat and Ronni Walker for all their prayerful decisions and the experiences they have brought to the table.

We especially would like to thank the Perry’s Foundation, as well as the individual members of the foundation’s board for the generous and on-going support they have given to this mission.

We would like to thank the many volunteers, both past and present, that have supported our efforts and given their time and resources to further this ministry.

We would like to thank the Olney Enterprise for their supportive stance in publishing articles about our ministry as well as the many resident testimonials.

House of Mercy would like to extend a special thank you to Pastor Larry Thacker and The Olney Family Worship Center for their covering and heartfelt support in getting this ministry up and running.

We would like to thank the churches of the Olney community and all of the members of the Body of Christ that have contributed food, bedding, towels, household necessities, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, transportation,

money and

other things just

too numerous to mention here.

House of Mercy and the Hands of Mercy Program would like to thank those businesses and individuals who have utilized our gentleman to perform various types of work.

Currently, Stewart’s Grocery Store employs four current and previous residents of the House of Mercy and we thank them for their commitment to helping our residents. Additionally, Tower Extrusions also employs three previous and current residents and we applaud their commitment to helping our residents. Lawanna’s Family Restaurant and Sonic has also given employment opportunities to our residents and we thank them.

House of Mercy would like to thank The Refuge and the Nantzs’ for their time and energy in guiding our residents, providing both biblical and physical fitness opportunities.

We would like to thank Pastor Dan Lund, The Church of The Damascus Road, and the Lutheran Church for their contributions.

We would like to thank Jeff Dickinson, Mike and Martha Green and Highridge Church of Graham, TX.

While we certainly do not want to leave anyone out, there are several individuals we would like to also take a moment to thank. Nedra Belew, Laura Dillard, Pastor Louis Golden, Kay Meschkat, Richard Reno, Bobbie Wright, the Kimbros, the Edgingtons, the Lunsfords, the McQueens

and members of

the Olney Community Band.

We genuinely thank all the people that have attended our fundraisers, contributed to this ministry, and prayed with and for us. Thank you!

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