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Help Your Local School by Collecting Box Tops

Box tops were established by General Mills in 1996 as a way to help with our education system. The idea was simple, cutting the “box top” of a cereal box like similar to a coupon.

At first they were very easy to find but over time, although they are not as accessible as in the past, Box Tops have now become available on more brands and boxes than every before.

Each individual Box Top that is collected will make 10 cents at your school. When the program had just begun, more than 30,000 schools across the United States were collecting these Box Tops, which led to more money at the schools helping them by materials such as computers, books, desks, you name it. And ten years into the program the number of the schools participating almost tripled, with 82,000 getting involved, putting together 100 million dollars. A few years later, more brands got involved, except this time they were brands that were non-food, such as Kleenex, Ziploc, Scott, and so forth. As of today, schools in America have earned more than 950 million dollars in Box Tops, which is a tremendous accomplishment for a program that has been around for 23 years.

You can now find Box Tops being advertised on hundreds of different products, whether that be in your local grocery store or online. Box Tops will continue to help make a difference by simply just participating and donating them to your school, it is our job to make sure that this trend keeps going.

Are you collecting box tops for your local school? If so, share with us on Facebook.com/OlneyEnterprise. We want to know the impact on schools. Teachers, please let us know if you’ve benefitted from box top donations.

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