“Lead me in the path of your commandments, for I delight in it.” Psalm 119:35 ESV

The word of God is a vast treasure that is to be sought above all other things in this lifetime. It is more precious than gold, silver, rubies, or any diamond that glistens like the rays of the rising sun. It is food for the soul that gives strength to the mind, it is eternal, and it will never fade away. It is by this word you will find the meaning of life and the purpose for why you exist. It is not a common word to be read halfheartedly, no, it is to be studied with great intentionality, to be revered as holy, for it is a shield and buttress for those who take refuge in it. It is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your pathway, for every verse point to God’s salvation only found in the person of Jesus Christ.

Come now Christian, posture thy heart, pick up and read the heavenly scroll that was sent to us from God Himself, come and learn of Him and meditate upon His wondrous works. For in this heavenly ledger you will hear the same voice that spoke light into darkness when the world was formless and void. For He is the great I Am, the First and the Last, the Alpha and Omega, the eternal One Who has no beginning or end. He is so unlimited in power that time and space cannot contain Him. He commands the morning to come forth like a bridegroom walking down the aisle to take the hand of his bride. He causes the dawn to know its place as the stars dance in the night; He holds the lightning in the palms of His hands and brings rain to the land in due season. He treads the recesses of the deepest oceans where no foot has ever stepped, just to climb to the highest mountains where the eagles rest their wings, and then He smiles at the beauty of a flower in a forest that is never seen by a human eye, The Lord is His name.

Though His voice is like the roaring waves that echo across the ferocious oceans in the midst of a violent tempest, like the clapping of mighty thunder that shakes the foundations of the earth, yet it is as gentle as the sound of a whisper to the souls of His Children, bringing them the assurance of His love. Oh Lord, God of heaven and earth, may we as your children never take your word for granted which You have given us in the Holy Bible. May we throw ourselves whole heartedly upon every principle that is taught inside the sacred text. For the word of God is foolishness to those who will perish, but to those being saved it is the very power of God. May we chew upon every morsel of truth, savoring every bite so that we may grow deeper in knowledge of Jesus Christ, Who is seated at the right hand of the Father. Lord, Lead your children in the path of Your commandments, and condition our hearts in such a way that we may delight in them.


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