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Business Profile: Steve’s Auto

The business profile of the week is on Steve’s Auto Service based in Olney.

Steve Leatherwood has been living and working in Olney since 1982, starting Steve’s Auto shop a little after he settled in the town.

“I worked at the Chevrolet House for about a year and a half,” Steve said. “After that, I opened the lot and had the building built and been here ever since”.

Considering the impact technology has on businesses such as Steve’s Auto, Leatherwood believes nothing beats the one-to-one personal service he offers. Also, it helps that he has vast work experience.

“I work on anything whether it’s older cars, pickups or even brand new ones,” Leatherwood touted.

Leatherwood has used his expertise now for 41 years, with 37 of those years in Olney. Steve can spot a problem very quickly that someone else might overlook, given that he has seen almost everything in his line of work. He is very involved with the mechanical side of things, stating, “ I do the diagnostic work on just about anything. I keep my scanner upgraded all the time all the way up to 2018,” he said.

Since moving to Olney in 1982. He and his wife and their two daughters in Olney. His wife had a bookkeeping office right next door to the shop about 20 years ago. One of their daughters has been living in Olney since she graduated high school. He wants everyone in Olney to know that is he still going strong and still open for business.

“I’m a little older, but I’m still getting the job done,” he said. “I do work for Fort Belknap and Brazos--changing the oil on their trucks and that kind of thing. If you come over here and I’m not doing anything, I’ll do adjustments on your bicycle . It doesn’t matter to me. I can do all sorts of things.”

You can contact Leatherwood at 940-564-3245 or email him at steves_auto@yahoo.com.

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