Blessed and a Blessing Jackie Posey

Blessed and a Blessing Jackie Posey

Jackie Posey, resident of the House of Mercy (H.O.M.E.), came through the doors two months ago and is currently in the process of learning to trust God in all things. When he completes the 12 month Christian Human Development Program he plans on telling others what trusting God has done for him.

“My life was totally out of control. One morning I was sitting in my pickup. I didn’t hear God’s voice, but I could feel in my heart that God was telling me ‘come to the House of Mercy so I can help you and teach you how to trust me in everything you do, and will do, in the future.’ Since I got here I can tell that things are starting to get better. I have a long way to go yet, but with God directing my steps I know that I will be going in the right direction; up and not down. I am 60 years old, and all I know is that I want to spend eternity in Heaven. I don’t know much, but I know the difference between Hell and Heaven. God is true love,” said Jackie.

Jackie has three sisters and two brothers. When asked about what he likes the most about H.O.M.E. his response was “Everything.” God, and the House of Mercy, are changing his life.

To find out more about the House of Mercy located at 1302 W. Payne in Olney Tx, what they offer, and how you can help change lives, please call 940-564-3339, visit their Facebook page: or go to

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