Rhonda Robertson

“My name is Rhonda M. Robertson and this is my testimony. I do not remember that day when I walked through the doors of the House of Mercy. What I do remember though is being angry at God. I was one big mess asking God, ‘Why?’

There has been a lot of pain in my life; being molested, child abused, raped, and beat on in every relationship. I went through surgery after surgery and even battled cancer. I beat it all, I thought, but drinking and drugs played their role.

Then, last year I lost my 27- year old son in January, my 27 year old nephew in June, my 11 year old cousin was ran over by a train, and a friend of mine’s wife ran over their one year old son. It was like death was all around me. I started questioning God. I wanted to walk out of the doors at H.O.M.E. so many times. Then one day I started listening during classes, mainly to Preston and the things he was teaching, and I changed. I can go into the Bible and quote scriptures all day but without knowing what they mean I am just reciting words. So, I plan on taking my time and fully understanding the meaning of each one.

I now know what the mystery is (1 Cor. 15:3-4) and my faith keeps getting stronger. I have God to thank for that, and I do thank him every day. God is still teaching me patience, discipline, and most of all: love. Love is something I thought I never had but here at H.O.M.E. I feel the love, especially the love of God.”

Rhonda is a level 2 resident at the House of Mercy. Her life before the entering the House of Mercy she describes as having no discipline and being angry with God. Her plans for after completion of the program include staying in God’s word daily and writing children’s books. What she likes the most about the program is that it helps her build her strength in God’s word and it brought back happiness and love into her life. She has three sons and one daughter.

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