Will B.

Will B.


When I was young, I was really into horror movies and magazines like Gore and Monsters. My favorite - and still one of my favorite categories for movies and books - is apocalyptic scenarios. I used to daydream about what it would be like to survive a nuclear war or some other cataclysmic event. I would think up the perfect bunker with cool Mad Max-style vehicles and just picture surviving like a Mad Max character.

Things were different back then and it wasn’t always the best growing up so I guess it was my way of escaping. Maybe it was something I was really worried about and this helped me feel better about or escape what was happening in my life.

Fast forward to today and now I couldn’t imagine wanting to survive in an apocalypse or cataclysmic civilization- ending scenario. Not because I don’t think living in a Mad Max movie wouldn’t be cool but because now, I have something truly wonderful to look forward to when my body dies.

I will be able to be in the presence of God and Jesus, that thought gives me so much peace about what will happen in my future and I long ago quit being scared of what happens when I die, at least since I was saved and grew in my faith.

If we truly believe in Jesus Christ dying for our sins and that God is the creator then really there is nothing to fear from our bodies dying and what awaits us in the afterlife.

I believe that some science also helps back up the fact that when our bodies die something of us will live on. Energy cannot be destroyed; it is simply transformed from one energy into another and the body is made up of electrical and chemical energy as well as matter.

So, when the body dies our energy will just transform, I have always thought that is kind of like my spirit. I would never put science above my faith and trust in God’s promise, I just find some of the science behind things helps prove, not disprove the existence of God’s creation.

I see God’s creation in so many things I could not list them all and no one would ever make me believe everything in creation was just random. When I hear a symphony I see God’s creation, when I hear a child laughing I see God’s Creation, when I feel love in my heart I feel God’s creation, when I see the wind blow the leaves of a tree it reminds me of my faith in God. I cannot see the wind but I see the leaves blowing in the wind and so this is like God’s plans or how he works in our lives. We don’t see God but we see his good works in our lives every day.

This is Will B saying, next time the wind blows look at the leaves blowing in the wind and think about how God is working in your life. You can see God by his good works.