Will B. “Enjoying Fall”

Will B. “Enjoying Fall”

Summer is my favorite season, but fall does come in a close second. Although I am not a fan of the cooler evening when it drops below 60, it is worth the chill to have those beautiful days in the 70’s.

Almost nothing feels as great to me as a mid-70-degree day, windows open, music blaring and relaxing on the couch reading a magazine. The same scenario with a thunderstorm thrown in is pure Nirvana, not that I am a Buddhist but I feel the word best describes the situation.

Today was the first morning I look forward each year. I open the front door to check the weather, a cool breeze blows in, almost too chilly but just cool enough to break out my beloved leather jacket. Sliding my arm into that snug fitting leather sleeve, the smell of leather and then the feel of the jacket as I zip it up and I am hugged in a snug and cozy leather cocoon. Nothing quite feels like a tight form-fitting leather jacket to not only bring back memories of my youth but just plain feel cool. I don’t care who you are or how you see yourself, once you slide on a leather jacket a state of coolness will overtake you, your confidence will increase exponentially.

This is also the time of year I dread as well. It inevitably brings my thoughts to that of the winter months. Although I hate winter with a passion, mainly because I detest the cold, it always brings me to thoughts of the seasons of my own life. I believe I am in the fall of my life; I am not aging gracefully physically, mentally or emotionally. Recently I have decided to remedy as much of this as in can. I began working out again, to help with what Ankylosing Spondylitis is doing to my body, supposedly a pesky stretching regime helps greatly with this. I have starting seeking help emotionally from delving deeper into the Bible and prayer and seeking counseling. Never let what others may think of you determine what you need to do to help yourself. I have recently gone through a life-changing event and am determined to not let it ruin the fall and winter seasons of my life. Now for the last, mental, I don’t feel I have dulled too much mentally but have noticed my memory slipping and a few additional grumpy days. My goal for this is to read more, although this has proven the hardest to work on due to so many distractions nowadays.

What season are you in? What is your favorite season? What things do you want to fix? These are hard questions sometimes, but with an honest look at ourselves and a great game plan, we can all have a full and fun winter and fall season to look forward to. This is Will B saying, break out that leather jacket and feel your confidence soar and don’t anyone let you feel weak for finding the help you need.