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Will B.

Enjoying the Holiday

With Memorial Day having recently passed, and the 4th of July quickly approaching, it is a time I look forward to each year. Things slow down substantially, both at work and in most other areas as well. The month of May is by far the busiest time of year for me. With all the school banquets, ceremonies and senior shoots, I look forward to June for a bit of relief (not that I don’t enjoy all the business that comes with May). I enjoy seeing all the hard work that gets put in all year by students and seeing it culumate into many celebrations and graduation.

Then there is the hot summer weather. I really love summer and I am fond of saying, “the hotter the summer - the better.” There is no better feeling than mowing the yard - or any number of outside activities on a 100-degree day - then walking into a house that is 70 degrees, taking a cold shower and (maybe) cracking open an icecold beer.

Planning things around the heat of the day gets creative, and sitting in the shade on a hot lazy day is my idea of relaxing. Sitting under an umbrella or shady spot while fishing is bliss, nodding off while relaxing and every so often a breeze brushes by fresh off the water.

The 4th of July is the quintessential summer holiday. It happens in the evening most times, ice cold water melon, laying on a blanket just waiting for the fireworks to begin their battle with the night sky, surrounded by family and friends. Does life get any better?

One of my favorite things to do in summer is go swimming, although in the past few summers I have not been able to partake in this activity. As a kid, I remember it was the main attraction for my brothers and I. Some summers it was a creek or pond and some summers it would be the lake. There is something special about life’s simple pleasures, and jumping into the water on a 100-plus degree day is near the top of the list. This is Will B. saying, “CANNONBALL!!!”