Why did Chick-fil-A cross the road? To get to Olney

Why did Chick-fil-A cross the road? To get to Olney.

Thursday, Oct. 3, there was quite a buzz going around Olney at lunch time. Chick-fil-A was in town from Wichita Falls to serve up some of their well-known chicken sandwiches for lunch. Within about an hour Chick-fil-A had sold out completely.

Kiley Murray, who is the marketing director for Chick-fil-A was on hand to make sure service went smoothly and with smiles. Murray says the idea came from the Wichita Falls location. Chickfil-A is currently setting up portable shops in several small towns outside Wichita Falls to test the market in these locations for future visits. A few of the lucky towns that have received visits are Iowa Park, Burkburnett and Henrietta.

Murray says Chick-fil-A is just trying to spread the love and see how it goes from there. Let us know if you’d like to see a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Olney. Post your comments on Facebook/OlneyEnterprise.