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Taylor - Made

My God-given talent

Since my last column, I have been stuck in geek-mode. I have been binge watching some of my favorites – Firefly, Stargate Atlantis, and Serenity (the end film to the Firefly series), but I wanted to share with you one of my most passionate hobbies – painting miniatures.

I was telling somebody the other day that I was a bit disappointed that I was 34 and still didn’t know what my talent was. They reminded me of this hobby of mine, which I had not enjoyed for years, that I somehow, unintentionally, forgot completely about.

I discovered when I was 19 years old that I had a knack for painting; in particular a knack for painting tiny 1 inch pewter figures with very thin paintbrushes. I had the details down, including the grass flocking. I learned how to time the shakes in my hand with how the brush would touch the figure. It was an expensive hobby, but boy, did I have fun.

I think I am going to start painting fig urines again. I wish it was as easy as that, but I will need to find a place in my little apartment for this hobby, and all the materials it requires, plus it is going to take some time to reacquire everything needed, but I can’t let such an unique, God-given talent go to waste.