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A week or so ago I wrote about listening. Now I will talk about well, talking. In some ways talking is so much harder to do than listening. You could pull off listening just by being quite and patient. Most just want a sounding board or to vent anyway.

Talking on the other hand has a great deal of things that make it difficult at times. Some example are emotions. Its very hard when I get my dandruff up to stay calm and focused in order to get what is on my chest out in a rational and clear manner. When we are sad, we do not want to talk. We withdraw and it may take some coaxing to get the ball rolling. For some talking is hard because of social anxiety. On the flip side though sometimes its very easy to talk like when we might have won a game or are excited over something new, we have discovered.

Whatever the case may be talking is a very important aspect to the human condition. Many a war has started when people stop talking or say the wrong things. I know from personal experiences that what people are thinking and what they look like they are thinking about could be drastically different.

Most my life people always think I look mad or mean just because I use to not smile often or just have a certain look about me. It took me years of practice to learn to just smile more even if I didn’t feel like it. My facial expression even before I learned to smile more had nothing to do with what I was thinking about but I use to hate to talk about what’s on my mind or even talking in general so people even those close to me just thought I was mad or in a bad mood. I am the type that is mostly always in a good mood and in general a very happy person. But because when I was younger and didn’t like to talk the perception was, I was an angry person.

In life especially in this day in age of social media perception is king. No matter how you feel about it or your philosophy the way people see you is the truth to them. If you project Mr. grumpy pants than people will think your Mr. Grumpy pants.

This is just a bit of why talking is so important. Talk more people trust me those around you want to hear what you think. They are around you because they enjoy your company and want to hear how your day is.

This is Will B. saying today is here and tomorrow is not guaranteed so don’t leave things unsaid or they may never be said at all.

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