• Publisher’s Points to Ponder: Happy Birthday fellow Girl Scouts

Publisher’s Points to Ponder: Happy Birthday fellow Girl Scouts

On this day, March 12 in 1912 in the middle of the Progressive Era, Juliette Gordon Low started An organization to help prepare girls to “meet their world with courage, confidence and character.” With 18 girls in Savannah, GA and the intention to share the knowledge she learned abroad, Low founded Girl Scouts—which was the beginning of a worldwide movement.

I was introduced to Girl Scouts when I was in the second grade; I was a Brownie. I remember how proud I was to be associated with something that made me feel like anything was possible for a girl; even at age seven it was about girl power for me. In fact, I was so proud, I insisted on wearing that little brown dress and brown hat everywhere—including church every Sunday. My brother, Larry, was so embarrassed.

According to the Girl Scouts website, there are approximately “2.6 million Girl Scouts (1.8 million girls and 800,000 adults) in 92 countries and more than 50 million alums, united across distance and decades by lifelong friendships, shared adventures, and the desire to d o big things to make the world a better place.”

Take a minute to say happy birthday to the girl scouts you know. You can go one step further by donating to the organization, volunteering or by becoming a lifetime member. Girl Scouts continues to open endless possibilities to girls throughout the world while teaching girls how to become great leaders. After all, it gave me a pretty good start. Learn more at girlscouts.org.

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