What am I proud about? My little town named Olney. Why am I proud of my community? Because the way the people of Olney have pulled together to help support one another in this time of crisis.

Sure, some may still feel it’s not a big deal. Yet it’s in these situations that people’s true colors come to the for front. While many stores outside Olney where having their shelves emptied by panic buyers Olney’s home town grocer was still fully stocked and yes even the toilet paper isle was stocked almost full. Although as word got out recently people who live outside Olney started coming to our sweet little town to raid our beloved Stewarts. I only know this from the many comments during conversations that there are a lot of unknown faces in Stewarts of late.

The point is the community of Olney is filled with level headed people who care for one another. If not, we would have emptied our towns grocer as well. As finding toilet paper and cleaning supplies got harder and harder to find I noticed the citizens of Olney started to offer help with the mounting problem. Some offered a roll of toilet paper to those who needed it. Some offered advice on ways of making homemade cleaning supplies. Some offered to pick up supplies for those that were recommended to not go out into public. A great deal offered emotional support. The list is quite large for what the people of Onley were ready to do to help each other.

What you didn’t find was people for the most part pandering to the pandemic or the fear that the media has been pushing so hard in our faces. Olney’s leaders took the time to get all the information and make a thoughtful intelligent plan for the community of Olney. My hats off to Olney ISD for taking the time to make an informed decision then coming up with a plan to handle the closings and self-quarantines. Hats off to the City of Olney for putting out all the information to best serve Olney during this crisis. Many businesses have taken measure to make sure Olney still may be served and get the medicines and even dining options they need instead of shutting down completely. Olney is doing a fantastic job coming together and making sure that our neighbors, loved ones, friends and family all make it through this crisis.

Let’s continue to look out for each other and not pander to the panic that other larger cities have done. I am proud of this little town of Olney I call home and am blessed my wife and me made the decision to move here 3 years ago.

This is Will B. saying God bless Olney and God Bless Texas.

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