• My Nickel’s Worth

My Nickel’s Worth

During this political season, I hear many things about what is wrong with America. While I realize things are not perfect, I am perfectly content with my country.

Having traveled outside of the United States, I have a picture of what I deem as wrong. In France, for instance, the government tries to control you by limiting how much fast food or soft drinks you can purchase. In China, you are not allowed to openly say you are a Christian. In other countries, there is not clean drinking water. In Venezuela, the people don’t have any of their basic needs met. When we were in Canada, the people we met complained about long waits for simple surgeries and the lack of health care for the elderly, if they were deemed too old to receive it. When I was in London, the people complained about all of the money spent on the royal family. And, all of these things made me proud to be an American.

No, things are not perfect. And yes, people are suffering. I am not here to support a political party, but I am here to support America. We are still the most wonderful country in the world. We offer religious freedom. We have non-profit organizations that help people meet basic needs. We do not throw money away on a royal family. And, we can eat or drink as much of any type of food or drink we desire— if we make poor health choices, the choice is at least ours.

If you are an American—you are one of the most envied and privileged in the world. If you want to see change, use your vote to make change. If you don’t like the leadership now, then pray. Pray for our leaders. Pray for the protection of our country. But above all, thank God you are an American.

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