Will B.

Making Resolutions

Will B.

It is that time of year again were millions of Americans will be making promises to themselves with promises such as lose weight, exercise more, drink more water, be a nicer person and the list goes on and on. Followed a week or so later by said promises being quickly broken or forgotten all together.

I have never been in this group of resolution makers on New Year’s. Not that I consider myself any better than anyone else or that I don’t have many many things I need to improve upon myself.

I just never needed a special day to make a change. If I feel I want or need to make a change I just do it. I quit smoking cigarettes about 10 years ago. No special day needed. All was needed was the will to do so because my loving wife had quit and the stench of cigarette smoke was overwhelming. You really just don’t know how terrible it stinks until you quit smoking. Trust me I know.

If you must make some resolutions I would suggest coming up with a plan of action and not just say the words. Most habits take about 30 days to break mentally and 3 to 4 days to break physically. The attitude or mantra to repeat to yourself to stay strong should be just for today. Let tomorrow worry about itself. Just for this one day I will not smoke. Just for this one day I will watch my carb intake. Just this one day I will drink more water and so on and so forth I believe you get the gist of it. Another solid bit of advice is to not try to change to many things at once. The more that you have on your shoulders the heavier the load. Find someone who really cares about your wellbeing and let them know your plans. Ask them to be your support person when you are feeling weak. My last bit of advice is to me the most important. Motive. Have the right motive for the thing you want to change. If you deep down do not want to change or are doing it to please someone else you will fail. It’s almost a guarantee.

Everyone wants to be a better version of themselves in one way or another. It someone tells you different they are fibbing. Make choices and changes motivated by what you really want to improve about yourself and stick to your guns.

This is Will B. saying you don’t need a special day to make a change. Believe in yourself and you will succeed.