Olney Senior Cub Center

Being awakened at two in the morning might get some people’s grumpiness going, but I can’t imagine anyone in our neck of the woods being upset when rain is involved in the racket that opens our eyes so early in the morning. What wonderful booms and rumbling - what beautiful pelting rain! Just listening to gusts of wind driving that sky-juice against the windows provides much joy to us, especially when our stock tanks are nearly empty. We all know what a perk-me-up that rain is to our thirsty yards! Those green shoots start heading for the sky dressed in their best St. Patrick’s colors. Ahh! The wonders of nature both astound and thrill us, and bring so much joy and thankfulness to us mere mortals. Hallelujah for the rain! What a way to quick start our weekend!

No turkey this week, but there was an unusual visitor greeting me last Wednesday as I approached the house. No feathers involved with this critter. She is welcome to my yard anytime. A beautiful lady with slender legs and graceful neck did indeed visit, but bolted away at the glimpse of my car. Yes, a beautiful deer! I’m naming her Vixen. A fitting name I think. At least I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Rudolph.

This last week was pretty tough on Angela and Linda, but they jumped right in and met the challenge! Both cooks were sick at home, so our fearless leaders donned their aprons and marched into the kitchen to prepare us some delicious fare. Their normal duties and paperwork had to be “put on the back burner” as they manned the cooking projects, so they went home each day a bit tired. Accolades to them- great job gals!

Bingo was cancelled last week when our scheduled caller couldn’t make it, but all is well. Thursday was our birthday party with a fun cake decorated in a Halloween theme. Candy Alercon, Wade Fikes, and Linda Phillips were our honorees for the month of October, so happy belated birthday to them!

James and Linda Epperson visited us last Thursday. What a treat to see their smiling faces and to chat a bit with them. Come back to see us as often as you can. We’re looking forward to seeing you here on our Veteran’s Day tribute. Your names are already on our attendance list.

If you happen to be driving to Graham in pre- dawn darkness, please be on the lookout for those pesky feral pigs! Five or six darted across the highway in front of me last week. Their coloring makes them difficult to see, so drive with caution and be attentive. Those deer often make an appearance also, but at least they are a little easier to see. Two such beauties trotted west from Newcastle’s Volunteer Fire Department early one morning last week, so heads up!

A word that conjures up repetition begins with an ‘s’ and ends with an ‘s’. It is quite a long word if you believe its name. It is an extremely necessary requirement for making and keeping friendships. Can you guess this word? SMILES is that word! Let’s all practice the lesson it teaches all week , every week long. Have a great end of October and beginning of November!