Cast, crew prepare One Act Play for contest

Cast, crew prepare One Act Play for contest

The Olney Junior High School will be putting on a One Act Play for parents Sunday, Nov. 12, and again on Sunday, Nov. 19. The One Act Play contest will be held Wednesday, Nov. 15. The name of this play is called, “Once Upon a Clothesline.”

The director, Lauren Sullivan, thinks that the children are doing an amazing job while working on the play.

This play takes on two clothespins who fall from the clothesline and get caught in the Black Spider’s web. The evil spider is trying to get three golden hairs from one of the clothespins to make a magic spell so that all her webs will be spun in gold. The other insects in the area are trying to help Pinno (the male cl o thes p i n ) save Pinnette (the female clothespin) before it is too late.

“It is going great. I am excited,” Harris Sullivan said. ”I absolutely adore my role as the Black Spider.”

Cast members are working really hard and have some opinions about progress so far.

“I think the play is going well,” Grace Jeske said. “Although I am a little worried about performing in front of everybody.”

Other cast members are excited to perform the play for an audience, and they are happy with the teamwork the cast is using together.

“I am part of the cast. I think the play is going slowly, but still well,” Laney Kimbro said. “I am very excited to perform the play, because I want to show everybody how hard we worked. “At first, I wished I had gotten a larger role. However, as we began to work, I realized that there are different perks and challenges to every part of the play, and that they all have to work together to get the play at its best.”

The students’ roles are as follows: First Bird is played by Jeske, Second Bird is Haylee Muncy, Pinno is played by Will Caffey, and Pinnette is played by Emerald Edgington. Black Spider is played by Sullivan while Junior Ant is Miles Branum, and Mrs. Ant is Leigha Hampton. Mr. Grasshopper is played by Samuel Ickert, First Grasshopper is Pace Hargis, Second Grasshopper is Ella Richards, Third Grasshopper is Kimbro, Mr. Cricket is Jackson Spurlock-Fenner, and Dr. Beetle is played by Jett Brock. Alternates are Calyn Johnson, Clara Symank, and Wesley Symank. Clayton Nash, Pedro Gonzales, Trey Geter, and Farrah Keeter are the crew members.