New athletic director starts school in Olney on Monday

Olney Independent School District has found gold at the end of the rainbow, but it’s not the kind of Irish luck you would expect. Coach Jody Guy has been the Athletic Director at Shamrock Independent School District for nine years, seeing postseason action five times during his tenure; however, next week, Guy will leave behind his 25 wins at Shamrock to begin a new journey with the Olney Cubs, a club that has won only one game in nearly a decade. 

With the new UIL realignment, Olney could see the playoffs with just one win this next year, but while many may expect Guy’s talking points for Olney to be about winning more games or even the Cub’s path to the playoffs, Guy doesn’t talk like most coaches. 

“One of the first things we do is just get as many kids out as possible. We want to get as much participation as we can,” said Guy. 

“We want the kids playing as many sports as they can, and try convincing the kids in the community and their parents that that’s what we need to do, and that it’s the best thing for the school.”

Participation has struggled in recent years, even having to pull JV teams due to a lack of players, but Guy hopes to change that. “I’m going to try to bring a group of coaches that are passionate about kids and passionate about coaching, and in taking care of kiddos and being around kiddos. We hope the kids feed off of that, and they want to be around us. It’s all about being a kid magnet.”

Sure, he’s a coach and a math teacher, but for Guy, sports and even subjects like math are simply tools teachers use to reach their students.

“We’re in the kiddo business,” Guy said. “It’s all about the kiddos.” 

“Our goal is for these students to get the best education that they can get with their abilities. That’s what I want for my own kids. That’s what I want for my players,” Guy said. “I tell my kids all the time in my class: they ask me, ‘when are we going to use this?’ I tell them that I don’t know if you will ever use factoring in your life, but what you can get out of this class is being able to say, ‘I can show up to class and be on time. I can start a new task and see it through. I can work collaboratively with other people that are my peers in a group.’”

That passion for “kiddos” reaching their potential seems to embody the Angelo State graduate, who began teaching math and coaching six-man football at Roby Consolidated Independent School District 21 years ago with no end in sight. “I like being around kids. They keep me young, and I enjoy the teaching part of coaching. Plus, I’ve got a first-grader, so I’ve got to get her out before I even start thinking about retiring,” said the 43-year-old coach. 

Guy will take his first steps on campus as an Olney Cub on Feb. 19 with his wife Bridgette, sixth-grade son Gatlin, third-grade son Gunner and first-grade daughter Gannon arriving at the end of the school year. 

“It’s going to be new for them. Shamrock is the only school they’ve ever been to, but I think it’s going to be exciting. The younger ones are more interested in what the school is going to be like, and the older one is more interested in what the kids are going to be like,” said Guy.

“I think this is going to be a great opportunity for my family. I wanted to get my kids to a little bit bigger school where they could have opportunities they don’t have here. Also, I got to meet some of the people and some of the administrators, and it already began to feel like home,” Guy said. “We all had the same mindset and I think it is a great way to start.”

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