Olney Enterprise introduces Editor

Louisiana native David Miller has been with the Olney Enterprise for almost a year-and-a-half, beginning as the advertising manager and is now also the newspaper’s managing editor.

A simple phone call is what brought Miller back to the newspaper.

“I had left Palo Pinto Communications a year ago this week, the group that owned the Olney Enterprise, and that night I got a call from Justin Piegat,” Miller said. “I had told Jesse Erhart earlier that week that I was interested in filling his shoes at the Refuge, so I thought that’s what Justin was calling about. Turns about, he wanted me to come back to the Enterprise under new ownership.”

Though the presented opportunity was not expected, Miller’s phone conversation with Piegat certainly sealed the deal.

“We talked for hours,” he said. “He told me about Mrs. Perry’s vision for the newspaper as a social enterprise, the museum and promoting Olney. I was really excited. The Enterprise was actually started by a Methodist pastor so it felt like there was a legacy there.”

Miller’s education began with a plan to follow in his sister’s footsteps as a nuclear power engineer in the Navy, but a sudden change of mind led him to study music education at Louisiana Tech University.

After three years at the university and a return to church, Miller was sparked with the desire to become a pastor, so he switched his major to speech communication.

“I switched my major hoping it would serve me better down the road,” he said.

In between school years, Miller worked as a pipefitter in oil refineries and power plants. But just a few credit hours shy of graduation, this summer job ended in full-time ministry.

Miller was working on a super-tanker in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit, providentially placing him in the position to participate in emergency relief and homeless ministry with his church.

“One day I was nearing graduation and planning on going to the Dallas Theological Seminary, and the next I was praying with hundreds of people a day, unsure if I would ever go back to college,” he said.

Miller returned to college a year later, then spent two years earning a degree in Biblical Studies and Theology from Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham, Alabama. He spent another year at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky.

“Asbury wasn’t my first choice,” he said. “I was struggling with some doctrinal issues and I felt I needed to sit under those teachings to get an unbiased explanation. It was that year that I met my wife. She would say we met through mutual friends, but truthfully, she friended me through mutual friends on Facebook. To-may-toe, to-ma-toe.”

Miller is married to Graham native Lyndsey (Adair) Miller. They have two children, Sophie, 5, and Gracie, 2.

“My family is just a hoot,” he said. “They are by far the greatest parts of my life.”

Miller’s daughters are named with intention:  Sophie Olivia means “wisdom and peace” and Gracie Amelia means “grace is beautiful.”

“We kind of stole the idea from a friend who named his daughter Torah Katrina,” he said. “It means ‘God’s law is pure.’”

For the past six years, the Millers have been members of Graham Bible Church.

“Honestly, our church had been the only thing keeping us in the area after all the turmoil in the oil market,” he said. “They have been a true grounding and reforming force in our lives.”


After taking a short break from the newspaper last winter, Miller is now back with his vision of making the newspaper the best it can be.

“Last year, it was sad thinking I’d be leaving all the friendships I made here but now I’ve formed so many more,” he said. “It’s been really great being back here at the Olney Enterprise. I can’t wait to see what happens next here in Olney.”

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