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Summer football workouts have begun in Olney and around the state, and on day one of local practice Coach Mark Young said approximately 40 Cubs turned out to get the season started. These players join a team that includes the new head coach and a mostly new coaching staff.

This year’s only returning coach is Aaron Clifton, who is coaching wide receivers and helping with the secondary.

“Everyone else is new,” Young said.

Dudley McAfee is defensive coordinator, and is also coaching the secondary and offensive line. Kevin Bartley is the running back and linebacker coach, while George Platt is offensive and defensive line coach. Jesse Erhart, a licensed educator and former six-man coach, is volunteering his time to help with the offensive and defensive lines as well.

After a long summer, Young said the goal of the first week of practice is to get the Cubs back to basics.

“It’s learning proper technique and stance,” Young said. “All the small things that we assume they don’t know.”

Friday, Aug. 8, is the first day the Cubs can practice with contact. Workouts continue during the morning for the remainder of this week and next week. Olney’s first scrimmage will be at 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 15, at Jacksboro.