Early voting is under way, and judging by the underwhelming amount of traffic flowing into City Hall, just down the street from our office, I think it’s safe to assume the voter turnout this year is going to be just as it has been for many years: dismal.

Some qualified candidates are running for positions on the Olney City Council and Olney ISD Board of Trustees. These are the people who set our tax rates and control local health care, who help manage the city’s finances and determine our water and sewer rates.

If we don’t get rain soon, the City Council members you elect will be responsible for digging us out of a very dry hole.

Choose wisely. Do some research and talk to the candidates about their stance on issues that are important to you. See which ones you prefer, and then, more than anything else, go and cast your vote. 


Historically, voter turnout in Olney is lacking when there is not a controversial topic on the ballot, such as an election for alcohol sale in the city. 

This should never be the case. The people you elect to these governing boards make important decisions that affect each and every one of us. 

Some will say, “But I’m just one vote…my vote won’t make a difference!”

Looking back at some recent vote totals over the past several years, that could not be further from the truth. We have had several elections decided by a handful of votes.

All it takes is a few minutes to swing by City Hall between now and May 7. Stop in, take your state-issued ID or voter registration card and cast your vote. 

If you miss early voting, then cast your ballot along with many others on election day, Saturday, May 11.

Making your voice heard is as easy as recording your ballot. 

Why not let that happen this year, with this election, and then with every election from here on out?