Our annual car show and cruise is scheduled for this Saturday, May 4. The show starts at 10 a.m. and the cruise starts at 3 p.m. It will last one hour. 

As always, we are expecting a good group of people to show up for the event. We are expecting several cars for the show and the cruise. I want to remind everyone of some safety tips. 

Please do not step out in front of the moving cars to take pictures. Please keep a close watch on your children and keep them away from moving traffic. Do not throw things to the drivers or in the window of the vehicles. 

Drivers we are expecting you to follow ALL the rules of the cruise. One very important rule is “No Burn Outs.” Last year it got a little out of hand and we had a few close calls.

Finally, let me remind you that we are in stage four of water restrictions. That means NO outside watering. If you choose to violate this restriction and start spraying water on the street trying to get drivers to do a burn out, you will receive a citation from the Olney Police Department. 


We want this event to be a safe and enjoyable event. Please do your part to keep it safe.