The Olney ISD Board of Trustees looked at different facilities during two meetings last week, including approval of a track renovation during a called meeting on Friday, May 16.

Trustees met last Friday to hear a presentation from Fisher Track regarding its bid for a total renovation of the track at Cub Stadium. Fisher Track’s home office is in Boone, Iowa, but its regional office is located in Mansfield.

Dr. George Roach, Olney ISD superintendent, said the bid from Fisher Track included complete replacement of the track, including both inside and outside curbs, as well as all dirt work and soil stabilization needed. Also included in the bid were provisions to allow for asphalt paving of the high jump area and a pole vault box. The bid that was approved by trustees totaled $497,462.

The trustees met on Tuesday, May 13, to go over regular monthly business. That business included the presentation of the facility study by Allan Wolfe of Parkhill, Smith and Cooper.


Wolfe presented a slideshow detailing his firm’s findings, as well as large binders filled with information for the superintendent and each board member. 

“Y’all are going to need some time to study the book,” Wolfe said. “Lying ahead is a more comprehensive master plan.”

Wolfe said the ultimate goal expressed previously by the board is the establishment of a long-range plan concerning the buildings and facilities currently owned by Olney ISD. He said the study identified physical needs of the facilities, including some possible code issues. It also examined educational adequacy.

The presentation began with Olney High School.

“You have some issues with the age of the building,” Wolfe said, pointing out water that ponds on the roof and causes leaking and bubbling of the roof’s membrane. “That roof is worn out.”

On the inside, Wolfe pointed out the school was “immaculately” clean, but did point out several issues. Among those issues were the home ec and science labs, which he said are entirely too small. 

“Those spaces need to be comprehensively renovated,” he said.

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