A request to open the municipal swimming pool with donated well water fell flat Monday, May 19, during a regular meeting of the Olney City Council. City Administrator Danny Parker said Kathy Muncy, a local citizen, had requested that the item be placed on the agenda. Muncy was not at the meeting to discuss any plans for the pool, but several local citizens were present to speak on the matter.

“I’m not opposed to it,” Chris Widner said. “If there is a way it can be feasibly done I will help with it.”

Another attendee had a different take on the matter.

“Me and several others have talked,” Chris Koontz said. “Anywhere we get the water, it’s going to take away from our water table, period. We need to come up with something for our kids to do. I would like to get a plan of action and raise money to give our kids something to do.”


Others in the group agreed. Shanna Dunn noted that the kids needed summer activities to help keep them out of trouble whether the pool was open or not.

“It’s our job as a community to take care of our kids and provide something for them to do,” Dunn said.

She added that the children and their parents currently drive to other towns to use their pools, bowling alleys and entertainment facilities. They also buy gas, shop and eat in those towns, she noted, which takes away from Olney in the long run.

Widner said he and other pool proponents in 2013 had planned to raise money to put toward opening the pool this summer, or toward starting some other activity for children, but that nobody ever came forward with a fundraising idea. Upon being asked, City Secretary Jean Clifton said the account the city established to take those donations had accumulated only $87.


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