For approximately two weeks the contractor chosen by the Olney ISD Board of Trustees has been hard at work digging an irrigation pond south of Cub Stadium. J&J Farms of Seymour was selected to dig the pond, which will hold approximately 978,000 gallons of runoff water for use in irrigation of the football field, during the Monday, March 18, OISD board meeting.

Rumors have begun to swirl regarding unexpected costs arising with the pond construction that total close to $100,000, but Terry Allen, interim OISD superintendent, said Monday morning that total is not accurate, though some cost has been added.

“Initially all three companies that bid gave us a cost as if there was enough clay to make it hold water,” Allen said. “They also added a supplemental bid in case they had to stockpile clay to line it.”

Those initial bids came in at a cost of approximately $151,000 with all variables, at the time, included.


Upon initializing the project, J&J Farms found that there was not enough clay at the dig site to stockpile for use as a liner. However, Allen said a test hole found a “red bed” of clay 6 to 10 feet deeper, which gave the board a choice to make.

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