Annual elections for three local governing boards will be held this spring, and the first day to file for places on the ballot is set for Wednesday, Jan. 29. Positions on the Olney City Council, Hamilton Hospital Board of Directors and Olney ISD Board of Trustees will be up for grabs.

On the Olney City Council, the position of mayor, currently held by Brenda Stennett, and two at-large City Council positions held by Phil Jeske II and Chris Garcia, will be up for election. Garcia was appointed in 2013 to fill the unexpired term begun by Wanda Stroud, who resigned from her post.

To file for any of these three positions, visit City Hall, 201 E. Main, or call (940) 564-2102 for information.

On the Hamilton Hospital Board of Directors, local seats held by Bob Craig, Don Buckalew, Russell Altmiller and Ron Rogers will be up for election, as will a seat held by Angela Taylor of Newcastle. Visit the main office at Hamilton Hospital or call (940) 564-5521 for information.


Positions on the Olney ISD Board of Trustees that will be up for election this year include those held by David Ickert and Kyle Hinson. To file for this election, visit the administration office, 809 W. Hamilton, or call (940) 564-3519 for information.

The general election is planned for Saturday, May 10.