Open positions on the Olney City Council and Hamilton Hospital Board of Directors were filled when polls closed on a relatively slow election day Saturday, May 11. Fewer than 500 votes were cast for Olney City Council, and just over 500 were recorded for the Hospital Board.

Jake Bailey, Marshall Leemann and Lauren Sullivan were elected to the Olney City Council, while Dale Lovett, Kathrine Atchley and Lonnie Rue were chosen for the Hospital Board.

Top vote earner for the City Council was Bailey, who earned 89 early votes and 33 election day votes for a total of 122. Leemann followed with 111 total votes, including 82 early and 29 on election day. The final position was awarded to Sullivan, who earned 62 early votes and 23 on election day for 85 in all.

Others on the ballot were Hubert J. Gray, who had 62 early votes and 13 election day votes for a total of 75; and Lynn R. Mulkey, who ended with 49 early votes and 11 election day votes for 60 total.


On the Hospital Board, Lovett led the group with 163 total votes, followed by Rue with 138 and Atchley with 105.

Barbara Walker received 75 votes, and Ellen Hardin had 32.