The annual Ronnie’s Kids Cook-off was held Friday and Saturday, May 3-4, at Tom Griffin Park. Nine teams registered to earn top honors and bragging rights for cooking the best beans, brisket, ribs and chicken.

First place overall went to Keystone Cookers, with head cook Bryan Anderson. Second went to Callen Pittman’s team, while third went to Team Pride, headed up by Darryl Anderson. Team Pride also won the bean category.

Additional honors went to:

Team Pride – third in brisket, third in chicken, sixth in ribs, first in beans.

Callen Pittman – third in ribs, fourth in brisket, fifth in chicken.


Keystone Cookers – second in ribs, sixth in chicken, seventh in brisket, third in beans.

Inlaws and Outlaws (Andy Shook Jr.) – second in chicken, fifth in brisket, seventh in ribs.

Conder (Rodney Conder) – first in brisket, fourth in ribs.

C&H BBQ (Robert Casey) – first in ribs, eight in chicken, eighth in brisket, fourth in beans.

Olney Healthcare (Kevin Marsh) – first in chicken, fifth in ribs, ninth in brisket, fifth in beans.

Pump N Munch (Danny Parker) – fourth in chicken, sixth in brisket, eighth in ribs, second in beans.

Wylde Tymes BBQ (Adam Campbell) – second in brisket, seventh in chicken, ninth in ribs.