A citizen comment regarding a burned home on Galloway kicked off the Monday, June 23, meeting of the Olney City Council. Kathy Shifflett attended the meeting to express concerns regarding the structure at 1311 Galloway, which was destroyed by fire on Sunday, May 18. 

“Right after the fire neighbors were overrun with roaches and mice,” she said. “We had to spray our yards and homes at our expenses and now we are still dealing with roaches and mice, along with the skunks, raccoons and snakes.”

Shifflett said she and at least 15 other neighbors believe the remains of the burned home is a danger to everyone in the neighborhood and that people are having to run kids away from the structure’s remains often.

“It’s an eyesore, plus the smell,” she said. “It smells burnt. The whole neighborhood does.”

She said multiple calls to City Hall resulted in no real answers regarding what was being done or could be done about the home. Shifflett added that Code Enforcement Officer Ronnie Cowart had told her the matter would be on Monday’s City Council agenda, but that she saw no sign of it in an online posting of the agenda earlier in the day.


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