Olney’s car wash will soon be closed two days a week in order to match restrictions recently set forward by the city of Wichita Falls. Olney remains in its fourth and most restrictive drought phase, but changes were made to the variance granted to the Olney Car Wash when Phase Four was implemented in February 2013.

“We issued the variance to the Olney Car Wash when we went into Phase 4,” City Administrator Danny Parker said, noting that the phase required the car wash to be closed only one day per week.

However, since Olney still gets the majority of its drinking water from Wichita Falls’ Lake Kickapoo, the city is required to comply with its same drought restrictions. Since the city of Wichita Falls went into its fifth drought phase recently, all of its car washes must be closed two days a week.

“After our last meeting, I called the Marions and they had already made plans to do so,” Parker said.

Parker noted that Derrell and Cathy Marion, owners of the car wash, plan to close the facility on Mondays and Tuesdays, unless City Council members made a different request.

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