Residents are asked to remain on alert for one or more subjects posing as Fort Belknap Electric Co-op crew members. Kendall Montgomery, FBEC general manager/CEO, said two of the incidents have been reported to his company so far. In both, a tall, slender man in a hard hat reportedly went to the front door of two different customer residences in the past week and asked the homeowner to make an immediate bill payment in order to keep the electricity from being shut off. In the first incident, he said a check was actually written to the subject who came to the door. No money changed hands in the second, though the man did get into the victim’s home.

“I’m upset about this,” Montgomery said Monday. “Fort Belknap personnel will not ask to come inside your house, plus we’ll have a uniform on.”

That uniform will include a khaki-colored shirt with the crew member’s name and the FBEC logo on the upper-left side. The employee will also be driving a white FBEC truck that is clearly marked with the company’s insignia on the door.

“We’re not going to come and knock on your door to collect money,” Montgomery continued. “We will make collection calls if we have to, but our crew will never ask for money.”


He urged electric co-op customers who are confronted with anyone claiming to be an FBEC employee and asking for money to take extra precautions. 

“Anybody asking to come inside your house, tell them to hold on and call our office or the police,” he said.

Customers can call the FBEC emergency number, (940) 564-2343, at any time regarding service or suspicious activity.