A special, called meeting of the Olney City Council was held Monday, April 7, so members could accept the resignation of Lauren Sullivan, who took office in May 2013, and call a special election in the fall.

“She resigned because of the conflict with the position she is in now,” City Administrator Danny Parker said. 

The resignation was accepted unanimously by the remaining members, including Marshall Leemann, Jake Bailey, Phil Jeske II and Chris Garcia. Mayor Brenda Stennett was also present.

In a letter submitted to The Olney Enterprise, Sullivan explained the turn of events that led to her resignation on Wednesday, April 2.

“In November, I went to work for Young County as the Election Administrator,” Sullivan wrote, adding that the new job made her a non-elected county employee.

At the time she took the job, Sullivan said she asked the Election Commission for Young County if it would be acceptable for her to finish out the City Council term she had just began.


“No one on the commission had any problem with me completing my term, but we agreed that I would not seek candidacy for any subsequent office while working as the Election Administrator,” Sullivan explained.

Then on Wednesday, April 2, Sullivan was doing research on election law and ran across a statute that effectively forbids election administrators from holding public office. 

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