Plans to construct an irrigation pond officially received the green light during the regular monthly meeting of the Olney ISD Board of Trustees on Tuesday, March 18. Trustees voted unanimously to move forward with the project, which has been in discussion for nearly a year. The group briefly considered the installation of field turf and the construction of an irrigation pond in the spring of 2013 before instead moving forward with hauling in water to use for rehabilitation of the field at Cub Stadium.

Dean Hinton brought bid information to the meeting to review with trustees. At a meeting earlier in 2014, the trustees decided to compile project specifications and put the project out for bids in order to save time if they decided to move forward. Hinton said three bids were received, with the lowest being a base bid of $138,780 from J&J Farms. The second and third bids, from companies not named at the meeting, were for $194,040 and $216,700.


“We put a bid item in for two holes to find out what we’ve got down there,” Hinton said, noting there would have to be a smaller “test hole” completed in order to check the content of the soil in the area. If there is no clay or not enough clay present, the cost of constructing a “liner” using clay will raise the price of the project. With possible variables taken into consideration, the construction of the pond could cost as much as $151,258.

The pond will be located south and west of the practice field and Cub Stadium, in close proximity to the drainage ditch that runs between the fields. 

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