Exhibitors from Olney dominated several categories and showmanship honors during the 2014 Young County Junior Livestock Show held Thursday through Saturday, Jan. 16-18, at the Young County Arena in Graham.

Hannah Hilton showed the Grand Champion pig and Dustin Dunford had the Reserve Grand Champion hog. In the lamb category, Hunter Riggins brought home Grand Champion honors and Brooke Riggins won Reserve Grand Champion honors. 

Jonathan Rogers had the Reserve Grand Champion goat and Schelby Ming showed the Reserve Grand Champion pen of rabbits.

Individual show and class honors for Olney are as follows:


Senior Showmanship – Ming, third.


Light Weight Pens – Ming, first, third and ninth; Hunter Riggins, second.

Middle Weight – Hilton, first, third and fourth; Hunter Riggins, fifth and eighth; Hayley Ondricek, sixth; Morgan Montgomery, ninth.

Individual Light – Brooke Riggins, third; Jae Montgomery, fourth.

Breeders – Ondricek, first and second bucks; Jae Montgomery, third doe and fourth buck.


Champion OPB – Dunford; Champion Duroc – Laney Kulhanek; Reserve Hampshire – Hilton; Champion York – Hilton; Champion Cross – Hilton.

Senior Showmanship – Dunford, first; Hilton, third.

OPB Class 1 – Tanner Hudson, first.

OPB Class 2 – Dunford, first.

Duroc Class 3 – Laney Kulhanek, first; Hudson, fourth; Hunter Riggins, eighth.

Duroc Class 4 – Kimberly Keeter, third; Kolton Piercyk, fourth; Laney Kulhanek, sixth.

Hampshire Class 5 – Walker Kulhanek, fourth.

Hampshire Class 6 – Hilton, first.

Yorkshire Class 8 – Hilton, first; Piercy, sixth.

Cross Class 10 – Dunford, first and second; Carson Little, third and seventh; Walker Kulhanek, fourth; Trampas Patton, sixth; Hunter Riggins, eighth.

Cross Class 11 – Laney Kulhanek, sixth; Walker Kulhanek, seventh.

Cross Class 12 – Darian Allen, second; Katelynn Axtell, sixth; Zach Canada, seventh.

Cross Class 13 – Hudson, second; Cody Harvey, third; Keeter, fifth.

Cross Class 14 – Axtell, sixth; Hilton, seventh.

Cross Class 15 – Hunter Riggins, first; Raul Carranza, third; Hudson, fifth.


Senior Showmanship – Hilton, first; Little, third.

Junior Showmanship – Cody Fite, third.

English Class 1 – Clay Fite, first.

Exotic Class 3 – Hilton, first.

Exotic Class 4 – Hilton, first; Little, third.

Exotic Class 6 – Cody Fite, second.

Exotic Class 7 – Little, second; Carson Fite, third.


Junior Showmanship – Brooke Riggins, first.

Senior Showmanship – Hunter Riggins, first; Graves, second; Cotton Reinke, third.

Class 1 – Austin Graves, first; Dunford, second; Austin Fleming, fourth; Andy Zwerschke, fifth; Ari Livingston, sixth.

Class 2 – Brooke Riggins, first; Graves, second; Alli Fleming, fourth; Dunford, fifth; Chris Sloan, sixth.

Class 3 – Hunter Riggins, first; Dunford, second; Paxton McClintock, third.

Class 4 – Brooke Riggins, first; Hunter Riggins, second; Annie Reinke, third.

Class 5 – Hunter Riggins, first; Brooke Riggins, fourth; Cotton Reinke, sixth.


Champion Medium Weight and Champion Heavy Weight – Rogers; Reserve Heavy Weight – Hunter Riggins.

Junior Showmanship – Brooke Riggins, third.

Senior Showmanship – Rogers, first; Hunter Riggins, second.

Light Weight Class 1 – Rogers, first.

Light Weight Class 2 – Chloe Neal, second.

Light Weight Class 3 – Sarah Stroud, seventh.

Medium Weight Class 4 – Neal, fifth; Stroud, seventh.

Medium Weight Class 5 – Hunter Riggins, second.

Medium Weight Class 6 – Rogers, first; Hunter Riggins, second.

Heavy Weight Class 7 – Rogers, first; Brooke Riggins, second.

Heavy Weight Class 8 – Hunter Riggins, first.


Individual show and class honors for Newcastle are as follows:


Individual Light – Tori Strickland, second.

Breeders – Bailee Larance, seventh senior doe; Strickland, third senior doe, first senior buck; Jacob Larance, second senior doe, fourth senior buck.


Hampshire Class 7 – Rylee Hardin, fifth.

Yorkshire Class 9 – Hardin, second.


Class 3 – Clay Scheller, fourth.

Class 4 – Scheller, fourth.


Reserve Light Weight – Boomer Whitaker.

Junior Showmanship –Whitaker.

Light Weight Class 1 – Whitaker, second; Michael Maxwell, fourth; Tyler Mays, seventh.

Light Weight Class 2 – Shyla Hardin, first; Maxwell, third.

Light Weight Class 3 – Whitaker, second; Rylee Hardin, third; Ryan Hardin, fourth.

Medium Weight Class 5 – Rylee Hardin, third; Kyle Crossland, fifth and sixth; Mays, seventh.

Medium Weight Class 6 – Whitaker, third.

Heavy Weight Class 8 – Rylee Hardin, second; Shyla Hardin, third; Ronnie Short, fifth and seventh.

Heavy Weight Class 9 – Jackie Short, third, fifth and sixth; Ryan Hardin, fourth; Ronnie Short, seventh.