Discussion on a proposed irrigation pond was continued Monday, Jan. 13, during the regular meeting of the Olney ISD Board of Trustees. The board received information from its chosen engineering firm, Corlett, Propost and Boyd, regarding the proposed location of the pond and an estimated size of 8,650 cubic yards late Monday afternoon.

Kelly Mahler, who arrived at the meeting just before the discussion began, said he would like a chance to take the cubic yard amount and put it together with rainfall totals from 2011, the area’s driest recent year, along with those from 2012 and 2013 to try to put a “snapshot” together of how much water an irrigation pond would have caught during those years.

“The question was how much water would’ve been in there in 2011,” Mahler said. “We don’t want to get caught going forward. We need to think about the ‘what ifs.’ What if we have no rain?” 

He noted that the use of hauled water in 2013 let the district know how much water it will take to keep the football field in safe and playable condition, and now all that is left is to determine whether or not an irrigation pond would collect a comparable amount of water.


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